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HZV.io is a self-signed company that provide quality online services.

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Awesome Service

We are providing many quality services to the worlds.

Applications Creator

We are working on may projects on both Web and Mobile platform. Our products are supporting many people deal with their problems today.

Cloud Technology

We provide people with fast and stable Cloud-Bot or Cloud File Transfer. Cloud is just as simple as a cake when you use HZV's cloud products.

Web Services

We help companies run the own wesite with Web designing and Web services. We also maintain their website even the contract is over.

Social Network

We are just connecting people together with a Simple Social Network Service. You are unknown online. Beta will be avalaible in 2029

About Us

HZV is a team with high responsibility to all the tasks that need us.

We Provide Solutions to make the human's life better

We are providing prebuilt software and also on-demand application provided to the need of everyone. We are working hard to providing you all the best things on the world.

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Hoang Le

Founder and CEO of HZV.

Our Mission

We are making small changes to the world from steps to steps.


We are working with partners from anywhere in the world: USA, India, Australia, Vietnam,etc

Customer Support

We supply 24/7 customer support. Just contact us, we will be by your side within a minute.

New operating way

We are operating in a very new way that never been existed on the world. Want more information, just contact us.

Very affordable

We provide many non-profit services and just charge you a small amount for special request.

Privacy Policy

Your end-user and customers will always be safe. We do not collect or store data of anyone in this planet.

Cross-platform available

We are working and providing services on many devices. From old Symbian devices, to smartphone and computers.

Important Facts

We are serious with our bussiness.

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Successful Project


Happy Clients


Working people

Get In Touch

Here is how you contact with us.

Contact Info

We are curently running 2 offices. One in the USA and the other in Australia.

You can contact us via phone or email.

USA office

+1 (725) 400 0795


AUS office

+61 (88) 121 5691